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Easy Magic Mirror Hire

Meet Eddie, a party organiser with a flair for creating unforgettable events. He prides himself on his ability to turn ordinary gatherings into extraordinary celebrations. Eddie tried a Magic Mirror at one of his events – the impact was immediate. Social media buzzed with posts and stories from Eddie’s party. Guests left with not just memories but tangible reminders of their night and were soon asking about Eddie’s next party.

“With My Fun Photo Booth’s Magic Mirror, my events get a little extra and go from pretty good to unforgettable,” Eddie reflects. “My guests can’t stop talking about it. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about creating an experience. The Magic Mirror adds that extra sparkle, making every moment shareable and every party a hit.”

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Selfie Magic Mirror Hire

UNLIMITED Prints | Customised Prints |  100s of Props | Red Carpet & Queue Barriers

Magic Mirror hire example installation

Magic Selfie Mirror Rental

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Why Rent A Magic Mirror?

Discover a Photo Experience That’s Pure Magic!

Our Magic Mirror is more than just a camera – it’s a portal into another world where your event comes alive!  The Magic Mirror casts a spell of joy across all ages, making everyone feel like a star. Its intuitive touch screen draws in a crowd, turning a simple photo session into an interactive experience. Capturing moments, smiles and memories that will be treasured forever.

With interactive animations and intuitive controls, our Magic Mirror draws everyone in. Watch as guests play with our selection of props, pose for group shots, and laugh together, creating a fun-filled environment. Imagine a mirror that not only reflects but also interacts with your guests unlike any other. It’s a gateway to a magical moment, where every snapshot becomes a treasured part of your event’s story.

The Touchscreen Fun is Spellbinding!

With interactive animations and intuitive controls, our Magic Mirror draws everyone in. Watch as guests play with magical props, pose for group shots, and laugh together, creating a joyous spirit that fills your event with wonder.  Imagine a mirror that not only reflects but also interacts, engaging your guests in a whimsical photo experience unlike any other. It’s a gateway to a magical moment, where every snapshot becomes a treasured part of your event’s story. I

From Reflection to Reality: Instant Keepsakes of Enchanted Moments

Your guest’s memories live on with instant printed photos of their magical moments. This mirror doesn’t just capture images – it captures the spirit of adventure and fun, making every participant a part of the event. It’s an easy-to-use experience that bridges generations, bringing together families and friends in a shared moment. These treasured mementoes let everyone hold the memories in their hands, ready to be cherished long after your event.

Add a Spark of Magic to Your Next Event!

Our Magic Mirror is a one-of-a-kind attraction that dazzles and delights every guest. Bring a dash of laughter,  joy and wonder to your next occasion!

Contact us now to make your next event simply magical! The Magic Mirror awaits!

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Our customers agree!

Helen Redstone
Helen Redstone
Excellent service and wonderful photos of my party! Thank you and look forward to using you again for the next party!
Ece Ozzagli
Ece Ozzagli
Absolutely brilliant! We loved the DIY Photo Booth! It made our night and so glad we had it! The team were very helpful, and very quick to set up within the short time frame I gave them. Thanks again! Great service.
We hired the DIY photobooth for a pre wedding party - Paul was so helpful when trying to organise this, absolutely great customer service The photobooth was a hit and so easy to use! Thank you!
Yasmin Ibrahim
Yasmin Ibrahim
Hired the DIY photobooth for a retirement party and it was the talk of the night and day after to come! The unit itself is super easy to set up and takes great photos! When a minor issue did occur, Doug was just a phone call away and sorted it out straight away! Will definitely be using them again in the future! 5 stars!
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith
Absolutely amazing company to use I had them on Saturday for my birthday party and I highly recommend them arrive at the time as advised and set up I will use again

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Magic Mirror Package Information

What Do I Get?

Magic Mirror Video Overview
What's Included And Optional Add-Ons
Magic Mirror Advantages

Our typical Magic Mirror package includes:


  • Friendly Assistant
  • Guestbook (Wedding Packages)
  • Huge selection of over 100 Props in our box
  • Customised prints
  • Supply of entire digital album
  • Facebook gallery (on request)


  • Guest book
  • Choice of backdrops with all our packages
  • L.E.D Love Letters
  • Royal Mail Postbox


  • New concept that will not have been seen by your guests before
  • Fully interactive and guests can leave messages or sign photos using the touchscreen
  • Fully customised prints
  • Full-length selfies
  • Stylish and smaller than a traditional photo booth

A Selection of our Magic Mirror backdrops

Backdrops for wedding and corporate event activations really can emphasise a picture. They are 7.5ft x 7.5ft so ceiling height needs to be taken into consideration. This is just a small selection of what we have and for anything custom like a company brand backdrop please don’t hesitate to contact us.

My Fun Photo Booth Backdrops
Photo Booth Party
Photo Booth Posing
Photo Booth Printouts
Photo Booth Sharing

The Magic Mirror Booking Process

Get your booking made in 3 steps – it’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 – Select your mirror

Select the button to visit a sign-up page where we ask you to submit your event details such as date, the product required and event location. From here you will receive a customised proposal to both your email address and SMS to consider. 

Step 2 – Secure your booking

When you are satisfied with the proposal and want to proceed with your Magic Mirror hire, we will require a £50 deposit to secure your booking. Your deposit can be paid via a secure booking portal where you can also manage your hire should you need to. The full outstanding amount can then be paid at any time up to the day of the event via the booking portal.

Step 3- We Deliver/Set Up 

We will normally make contact with you  1 week before the event to discuss access and logistics. On event day, we arrive at the agreed time and get you set up. We’re available on a contact number during the event for support if needed. We will then disassemble after the agreed time and remove your  Mirror. After the event, you will get password-protected access to an online gallery of your event.

Magic Mirror FAQ

Do you have questions? Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions we’re asked.

Why would I hire a Magic Mirror from you?

OK, here’s the sales pitch!

1. Sociable

These units differ from traditional photo booths as they are ‘open air’ booths. You stand in front of an interactive mirror and have your photos taken. As you are not enclosed, you can therefore have a lot more people in each photo. We have had a whole class of children in 1 photo before, whereas a photobooth will fit a maximum of 7 or 8 people in.

The magic mirror also has a vintage frame on the outside that has a series of LED lights on. This makes the unit more striking and visible from across the room, bringing people together.

3. Print Quality

Our photo booth comes with a DSLR camera which provides you with high-definition quality photos. The images taken by our camera are sharp and professional and as we can control every setting of the camera, we make sure that the photo quality is the best possible in every situation

4. Easy to Use

The magic mirror is very easy to use and tells you exactly what to do. You can select from a number of photo layouts, whereas most companies will set you to 1 for the whole event.

Once you have selected your preferred layout your session begins. As soon as the photos have been taken then they will be automatically printed.

Need to know more? Please get in touch to talk through in more detail.

How Much Space Does The Mirror Take Up?

One of the core strengths of our amazing Magic Mirror is its ability take up a very small footprint whilst still being the centre of attention at your event. With a footprint of around only 2 square meters, this showstopper provides plenty of wow factor.

How Close to my Event Should I Book my Mirror?

The Magic Mirror is one of our more popular photo booths and as such demand is high! With not many Photo Booth companies having the capability to ship them around safely, it is always advised to book as early as you can to avoid disappointment .

What is the difference Between a Magic Mirror and a Traditional Photo Booth?

Simply put a Magic Mirror is an external open air Photo Booth experience with no limitations on how many guests can be involved. The traditional Photo Booth is an enclosed Photo Booth experience providing discretion and controlled lighting but also a limitation of around 5-6 persons at anyone time.

How Many People Can Use a Magic Mirror at the Same Time?

As the Magic Mirror is an open Air Photo Booth the limitation of people that be captured is on the environment not the Magic Mirror. The the further you stand away from the unit the more people that can be pictured. As many as an entire rugby team where once captured (after moving a few tables and chairs ofc)

What Value Does a Magic Mirror Add to My Event?

In recent years photo based experiences have become a regular at almost every event. This is largely due to the fun factor they provide, their ability to be very inclusive whilst also providing the host with many fantastic memories of their special day.

Corporate or Event Branding

Transform our Magic Mirror installation into a brand messaging opportunity for your event, organisation or business. Contact us for more details.

In a rush or still have questions? Get us to call you.

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