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Fun Photo Booth Hire

Meet Richard, a corporate event manager involved with organising an annual corporate gala. To add a unique interactive element, he chose My Fun Photo Booth’s Traditional Photo Booth. The booth’s sophisticated design and engaging features broke the ice among colleagues and clients, fostering a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It became a focal point for networking, with guests eagerly gathering to take group photos.

The traditional photo booth transformed our corporate event into an engaging and memorable evening, blending professional networking with fun socialising”

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Traditional Photo Booth

Printouts | Single and multiple photos | Greenscreen | Shareable to Email & SMS

Traditional Photo Booth Hire

Traditional Photo Booth Rental

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Why Hire A Booth?

Step into the Spotlight: The Magic of a Photo Booth

Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with our traditional photo booth rental. It’s not just a photo-taking station; it’s a centrepiece attraction that captivates and delights. Our elegantly designed booth complements any decor, adding a touch of sophistication. Guests of all ages will be drawn to the interactive fun, creating spontaneous moments of joy and laughter. It’s more than a photo opportunity; it’s an invitation to step into the spotlight and make memories.

Create Lasting Memories: The Power of Printed Photos

In an age of digital overload, our photo booth brings back the charm of tangible memories. Guests will love the instant gratification of high-quality, printed photos, serving as a personal keepsake from your event. We offer customizable templates to align with your event’s theme or branding, making each photo unique and special. These aren’t just prints; they’re personalised mementoes that capture the essence of your occasion, cherished long after the event ends.

Engage and Entertain: How a Photo Booth Livens Up Any Occasion

Our photo booth for parties, weddings, Christmas gatherings and other events is a universal crowd-pleaser, entertaining guests of all ages. It’s a hub of creativity and fun, featuring a variety of props and accessories that encourage guests to unleash their playful side. Whether it’s a quirky hat or a glamorous boa, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with options for social sharing, guests can instantly share their joyous moments online. It’s not just about taking photos; it’s about creating an engaging, interactive experience that lights up your event.

Ready to add to Your Event?

Don’t miss the chance to add this unique, memorable touch to your celebration. Contact us today to book our traditional photo booth and ensure your event is the talk of the town! 

Corporate Branding

Transform our photo booth into a powerful brand ambassador for your company.

With the ability to integrate your logo and brand messaging into the photo booth design, you create an engaging and interactive brand experience. This not only adds a fun element to your event but also serves as a subtle yet effective marketing strategy, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

imgae of a Gillette branded traditional photo booth at a corporate event.
Custom brand template example
colourful corporate branding on one of our traditional photo booths
another example of bespoke booth branding for a corporate event

Our Other Photo Booth Services

With prices starting at only £179 you and your guests could be dressing up with our large variety of props and having fun as you strike a pose. Imagine that!

DIY Booth Hire

DIY Photo Booth @ £150

Photo’s | Boomerangs | GIFS | All Shareable to Email & SMS

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Magic Mirror Hire

Magic Mirror

Printouts | Single & Multiple photos | GIFS | Shareable to Email & SMS

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Selfie Pod Hire

Selfie Pod

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Our customers agree!

Helen Redstone
Helen Redstone
Excellent service and wonderful photos of my party! Thank you and look forward to using you again for the next party!
Ece Ozzagli
Ece Ozzagli
Absolutely brilliant! We loved the DIY Photo Booth! It made our night and so glad we had it! The team were very helpful, and very quick to set up within the short time frame I gave them. Thanks again! Great service.
We hired the DIY photobooth for a pre wedding party - Paul was so helpful when trying to organise this, absolutely great customer service The photobooth was a hit and so easy to use! Thank you!
Yasmin Ibrahim
Yasmin Ibrahim
Hired the DIY photobooth for a retirement party and it was the talk of the night and day after to come! The unit itself is super easy to set up and takes great photos! When a minor issue did occur, Doug was just a phone call away and sorted it out straight away! Will definitely be using them again in the future! 5 stars!
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith
Absolutely amazing company to use I had them on Saturday for my birthday party and I highly recommend them arrive at the time as advised and set up I will use again

Package Information

What Do I Get? 

What's Included And Optional Add-Ons
Traditional Photo Booth Size
Examples Of Pictures

Our typical package includes:


  • Green screen
  • Huge selection of over 100 Props in our box
  • Customized prints
  • Supply of entire digital album
  • Facebook gallery (on request)
  • Guestbook (Wedding Packages)


  • Guest book
  • Choice of backdrops with all our packages

Oval Portable Photo Booth Size

A party favourite and looks great at any event.

Height: 1996mm
Width: 1259 mm
Length: 2238 mm
T3 frame
6-8 people in the booth at any one time

The Booking Process

Make your booth booking in 3 simple steps – it’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 – Select your booth

Once you have chosen your booth, in this case, a traditional one, you select the button below to visit a sign-up page where we ask you to submit your event details such as date, product required and event location. From here you will receive a customised proposal to both your email address and SMS to consider. 

Step 2 – Secure your booking

When you are satisfied with the proposal and want to proceed with your portable photo booth hire, we will require a £50 deposit to secure your booking. Your deposit can be paid via a secure booking portal where you can also manage your rental should you need to. The full outstanding amount can then be paid at any time up to the day of the event via the booking portal.

Step 3- We Deliver/Set Up 

We will normally make contact with you  1 week before the event to discuss access and logistics. On event day, we arrive at the agreed time and get you set up. We’re available on a contact number during the event for support if needed. We will then disassemble after the agreed time and remove your booth. After the event, you will get password-protected access to an online gallery of your event.

Traditional Photo Booth FAQ

Do you have questions? Here are the answers to some of the common ones we get asked.

Which Portable Photo Booth is my best option?

We have a variety of portable photo booths, all of which offer different advantages and disadvantages. These include the traditional photo booth, magic mirror, selfie pod and our very own DIY photobooth. As with many things, your budget may be the overall deciding factor. Other considerations to take into account when deciding on which booth best suits you would be:
• The space available
• The age of your guests
• The number of guests
• Whether you want printed or digital photos (or both)
• The theme of your wedding or event

How much do you pay for a Photo Booth

The price you can expect to pay for a photo booth rental * depends largely on which service you go for and the location of your venue *. As a guide, we would suggest the following prices for any service which requires the company to set up and dismantle:

Central London: approximately £900-1200
Croydon, Bromley and Sutton: £400 – £500
Other London Boroughs and county locations: £450-600

What is the difference between a Photo Booth and a Magic Mirror?

Traditional photo booths have been around for many years. These are an enclosed unit and offer guests a more private experience. With this unit you walk into the booth, pull a curtain and have the photos taken. The background to the photos is either a coloured curtain or green screen backgrounds.

How do you set up a Photo Booth for an event?

We will arrive an hour before the hire start time to set up and test the photo booth. The only things we need are a power source and the appropriate space. When deciding on space, take into consideration an area that allows for a queue of people, an area for a prop table and also an area that is not tucked out the way. We want to make sure you get the best use out of the photo booth so make sure your guests know where it is.

What support do you provide during the event?

We usually leave a phone number with the customer and remain local should the worst happen. The units runs themselves and we have found by us loitering often results in people not letting their hair down as much as they would if we are not there. Should anything happen or there’s a power cut etc we always within 15 mins of the unit.

Is a Photo Booth worth having at a wedding

A wedding Photo booth is a great way to keep your guests entertained throughout the evening. They are a fun way for your friends and family to capture memories of your big day. Not only do they receive a memento from your day in the shape of a printed photo or digital copy, but you can also get a guestbook with a copy of all the photos from the evening.

How long should I have a photo booth at my wedding

In our experience, we would suggest either 3 or 4 hours. Of course, your budget and also the timing of other elements of your big day will play a part in deciding this as well. It is worth noting that this 3- or 4-hour duration does not include the setting up time and dismantling time. We will always arrive 1 hour before the hire start time to set up and test the photo booth. After the hire duration has finished, we will then dismantle the photo booth and take it away.

Why are photo booths so expensive?

The price of photo booths over the years has increased, as has everything else. The cost is due to many factors including, wear and tear on the hardware, the 2-person set up staffing costs, the travelling and parking fees, cost of consumables such as props and photo media (paper and ink ribbon), cost of the software per event and all relevant insurances and documentation.

As with most other industries the staffing costs are higher than usual because of the unsociable hours and weekend work.

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Longer Term Installation Needed?

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