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Unravelling Costs: A Guide to Party Photo Booth Hire Prices

Planning an event and considering a photo booth hire? It’s a popular choice these days, adding a fun and interactive element to any gathering. But one question’s likely on your mind: how much does it cost?

Here at My Fun Photo Booth, you can expect the following approximate costs for our different types of photo booths:

  • Traditional Photo Booth £400-900
  • Magic Selfie Mirror – £400-900
  • Selfie Pod – £350-850
  • DIY Cloud Booth – £150-200

Now let’s consider the question in more detail and fill in some of the blanks you may have about the hiring process for an event booth.

Stay tuned as we break down the cost factors in more detail, helping you make a well-informed choice that fits your budget.

Why should I hire a Photo Booth?

Selfie Pod
One of our state of the art selfie pods.

In the heart of every event organiser, there’s a lingering question: Why should I hire a photo booth? Well, you’re about to untangle the reasons behind its raging popularity in events management.

First things first, imagine your party painted with delighted faces, moulded memories and unforgettable experiences, all thanks to the charismatic charm of a photo booth. Elevating the atmosphere of your gig, photo booths bring a splash of entertainment that’s hard to overlook.

Injecting instant fun, photo booths allow your guests to let loose, slide into quirky props and make memories that last a lifetime. The unlimited reprints mean nobody leaves the party empty-handed. It’s not every day you get a bonus takeaway souvenir that doubles up as a token of remembrance.

But photo booths aren’t just about fun and games. In this technology-driven era, they’re a potent marketing tool. A company logo, together with the event specifics imprinted on every snapshot, translates into an evergreen brand reinforcement medium.

Incorporating a photo booth can also be savoured as a social enhancement strategy. How so? Well, think about it. A long queue to your photo booth signifies engaged attendees, networking opportunities and boosted social interactions, making your event the talk of the town.

What’s more, modern photo booths come loaded with a slew of interactive features. Customised backgrounds, slow-motion video, gifs, green screens, touch screens, built-in social media sharing – you name it, they’ve got it. These electrifying elements are bound to captivate your audience, fostering an ambience that shouts ‘energy’ and ‘excitement’.

With all that said, it’s clear to see why hiring a photo booth is a smart decision. It’s not merely about the cost, but rather the return on your investment. By investing in a photo booth, you’re guaranteed laughter, amusement, brand visibility and, above all, a thriving and lively event.

Preparing for an event is no easy task and every decision matters. In the grand scheme of things, a photo booth is one detail that can make a significant impact. It’s more than a luxury; it’s an element that wraps joy, brand promotion, technology and interaction into one neat package.

What Does Photo Boot Hire Cost Generally Include

Often when you’re scrolling through photo booth companies, pricing is a top priority. It’s critical to understand, but, that the services included in the price aren’t always the same across different vendors. So, before dumping your hard-earned cash into a photo booth for your event, it’s worth researching what you’ll get for your money.

Included services typically vary, but here are some common elements usually wrapped up in the total photo booth hire cost:

  • Rental time. Most, if not all, photo booth companies base their prices on rental time. This is the duration the booth is available and operational at your event.
  • Equipment. The booth itself, along with its supporting gadgetry, is generally part of the package. The sophistication of the technology also can affect the cost.
  • Tech Support. Troubles can arise, and when they do, it’s often reassuring to have a knowledgeable person on-site to solve problems quickly.

These factors might seem pretty standard, but there’s a difference between a package and a premium one. See, premium offerings often include additional goodies that lift the experience to the next level:

  • Props and Costumes. Fun sunglasses, wild wigs, and zany signs are all part of the photo booth entertainment experience. These little extras can encourage guests to let loose and have a blast.
  • Customised Templates. This perk allows you to brand your event photos. Some companies will design a signature overlay with the event or company name, date, and logo.
  • Social Media Integration. Once your guests have had their picture taken, wouldn’t it be fantastic if they could share them immediately on their social media accounts? This feature takes boosting engagement to a new level.

Remember, not all photo booth companies are made equal, and not all offer the same packages. You need to draw up a list of what features matter the most to your event. Then, before you take that final plunge and hire a photo booth, ensure those services are included in the company’s package.

Photo Booth Posing

What can change the price of Photo Booth Hire?

It’s essential to know the factors that can fluctuate the cost of hiring a photo booth for your event. A grip on these variables will enable you to gauge your budget effectively, ensuring you receive the best service as per your expectations.

Variables Impacting the Cost

First up, package selection plays an integral part. You’ll find, most photo booth companies propose an assortment of packages, each catering to different budgets and requirements. Standard packages usually include booth hire, equipment and basic tech support. But, if you opt for a premium package, expect a higher price tag. These include additional services like branding customisationprops, and social media integration. If you’re organising a corporate event or a product launch, branding customisation could be a real game changer; it magnifies brand visibility and lends a unique touch to the event.

Another key influencing factor is the duration of hire. The price escalates with the length of hours you rent the photo booth for. Most businesses offer hourly rates. Some others have minimum booking hours. For instance, if you’re looking at using the booth for 4 hours, and your service provider only offers a minimum of 5 hours, you’d end up paying for that extra, unnecessary hour.

Correspondingly, the type of equipment provided directly impacts the overall cost. High-end DSLR cameras, touchscreen operating systems, or professional lighting equipment — all these elements serve to enhance photo quality, but simultaneously add to the price.

The final key factor is the date and location of the event. During busy periods like Christmas, New Year, or the traditional wedding season, photo booth rentals tend to spike. Besides, remote locations could incur additional transportation fees.

Factors Examples
Package Selection Standard, Premium
Duration of Hire Hours, Minimum Booking
Type of Equipment DSLR Cameras, Professional Lighting
Date and Location of Event Holiday Season, Remote Areas

Peak vs. off-peak

When planning your event, timing can make a significant difference in your photo booth hire cost. In the event planning universe, the concept of peak and off-peak seasons isn’t new. It’s crucial to understand the impact of these periods on your budget.

Peak seasons are those times of the year when demand is sky-high. Predictably, in the UK that’s typically late spring to early autumn, aligned with warmer weather often elevating demand for events. Besides, weekends, especially Saturdays and significant holidays like Christmas and New Year are popular times.

During these peak periods, photo booth rental companies are in high demand. With the increased demand, your preferred supplier may be booked out months in advance. This can often lead to increased costs due to the principles of supply and demand – when demand outweighs supply, costs can rise. The price surge comes from how competitive these seasons can get.

Peak Seasons Increase in Cost
Spring to Autumn High (<50%)
Weekends Medium (20-50%)
Major Holidays High (<50%)

Let’s contrast that by talking about off-peak seasons. These are periods of lesser demand—often winter and weekdays. Due to the reduced requirement for suppliers, you may find more availability and possibly, better pricing

Off-peak hiring can also give you an edge in negotiating with suppliers. With the slow business during these periods, they might be more inclined to offer better deals.

To put it briefly, the date and time of your event are factors that can influence photo booth hire costs. You should strategically plan your event during off-peak times to slash some costs. But, if the event falls in the peak season, you’ll need to factor in the extra costs and book well in advance for the best deal.

In the next section, we’ll jump into the different types of photo booths you can hire, revealing how the type of booth chosen can also influence your final quote.

Photo Booth Package types

As you continue your journey to discover the financial implications of hiring a photo booth, it’s essential to investigate the different types of packages available. The price can vary significantly not only because of the date and time but also due to the type of booth you opt for.

Traditional Photo Booth

imgae of a Gillette branded traditional photo booth at a corporate event.

The classic traditional photo booth is analogues to a nostalgic trip back in time. It might be vintage, but it’s a big hit and is often the life of the party. You walk into a curtained compartment, choose your props and use the touchscreen to start your photo session. It’s simple, exciting and loaded with fun.

But, hiring these can come with a heftier price tag, as they come with an operator to maintain the machinery and ensure smooth running. Their operation speed is also slower, meaning fewer photos are being snapped per hour. The unique charm and authenticity they bring can make them worth the extra cost—the decision rests on your overall budget and preferences.

Magic Selfie Mirror

Photo Booth Hire in London for a Party
Magic Mirror Photo Booth Hire

The Magic Selfie Mirror is a blend of the latest technology and innovation. Unlike traditional setups, these interactive booths incorporate a full-length touchscreen mirror, adding a delightful twist to your event.

It’s a bit on the pricier side, but its value for money becomes apparent when you consider its features. It takes high-resolution photos, can print instantly, and guests can interact with it by signing their photos or adding emojis. Don’t forget the red carpet treatment: it makes everyone feel like a celebrity!

Selfie Pod

Selfie Pod Photo Booth
Selfie Pod Photo Booth by My Fun Photo Booth

Think of the Selfie Pod as a digital age approach to photo booths. It’s a small, compact, and tech-driven device that integrates smartphones into the mix. You take your picture, and the picture is directly sent to your phone, making the process quicker and more efficient. This is in addition to instant prints.

It’s very popular among the younger, tech-astute crowd due to its modernity and convenience. It’s often cheaper because it doesn’t occupy much space, and most times, doesn’t require an operator on-site. Similar to the magic mirror, the selfie pod is an open-air booth, and although lacks the privacy element of the Photobooth, creates a fun sociable experience.

DIY Photobooth 

DIY Photo Booth Main Picture

The DIY Photobooth is the best value-for-money service we offer. We have designed and built this unit using all of our experience to make sure our customers enjoy their event and capture the memories with as little fuss as possible.

This is a digital service meaning all photos and videos can be sent straight to SMS and email, making them instantly shareable across social media or printed at a later date.

We understand that customising the Photobooth experience is important and this is all still possible with the DIY unit. We can provide custom text, logos and backgrounds to all photos, helping to add a personal touch.

Booth Cloud

Our booth cloud service is aimed primarily at venues. This is considered the future of photo booth technology. Booth Cloud aims to combine the fun element of any Photobooth with the huge marketing potential it offers to venues.

By installing one of our booth cloud units, your guests and customers will be capturing memories from a great night out and sharing them across social media, all of which will be branded with your logo and contact details.

With the added benefit of data capture and the ability to upsell the Photobooth service to private functions, our Booth Cloud service is simply a must-have for any venue.

Choosing a photo booth type is a critical decision that could affect your finances and overall event experience. Whether you require a traditional photo booth, a magic selfie mirror, a selfie pod, or a DIY photobooth, remember, that each comes with its own set of features, advantages, and cost factors. Take your time to pick something that aligns with your vision, budget, and guests’ preferences.

To give you a basic idea about how these photo booths stack up against each other in terms of cost and features, here’s a simple table:

Photo Booth Type Operator Required Prints Cost
Traditional No Yes High
Magic Mirror No Yes High
Selfie Pod No Yes Low
DIY Photobooth No No Low

Remember, every event is unique and so are the preferences of your guests. Make sure to do a thorough analysis of not just these terminologies but also the needs of your event before making a decision.

Questions we are often asked about photo booth rental

What is a Traditional Photo Booth?

“Traditional Photo Booth” is a term often used for the classic, nostalgic photo booth that requires an operator and offers physical prints. They add a vintage vibe to any event but might come with a higher cost and slower operation.

What does “Magic Selfie Mirror” mean?

You might be wondering, what is a “Magic Selfie Mirror”? This type of photo booth provides interactive features and outputs high-quality digital photos. It costs more, but the stellar, celebrity-like experience it offers is worth the extra pennies.

Can you explain what a Selfie Pod is?

The term “Selfie Pod” refers to a modern, tablet-based photo booth that caters to tech-astute guests. It’s a more affordable option that offers efficiency and digital photos as well as instant prints.

What is a DIY Photobooth?

A DIY Photobooth is an economical, digital experience which is an operator-free option that also offers customisation, making it ideal for smaller venues or functions with a tighter budget.

What are some of the common terms involved with photo booth hire?

DIY Booth Party

The world of photo booths has its terminology that services like ours may mention or throw at you. Here are some common jargon terms that may be useful.


This is the output from each Photobooth session. This will be the accumulation of all photos, GIFs and Boomerangs taken.

We also use the term media to describe the printer paper and ink ribbon for any instant prints.


The more tech-savvy will already be accustomed to these. A GIF is several photos that have been looped together, almost like a quick slideshow.


These are available with our selfie pod hire. These are a short video of about 5-7 seconds. This video is then played over and over again. A popular pose for a boomerang is the ‘cheers’ video.

Customised text

To tailor the hire to your event we will add any customised text. An example could be ‘John’s 18th Birthday’


This is the background of the photos. This can incorporate different colour themes, logos, borders to pictures etc. Custom templates do incur a charge as we have to use our design team.

Wrapping It All Up

Ok, we hope that this article has given you a good overview of photo booth hire costs and the factors that contribute. Of course, if you’re now keen to get a booth option for your event (and many are) then why not contact us directly – we’re very happy to discuss specific details of your event and what options would best suit your aims.