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Get Our permanent Install Booth Cloud Solution

FREE wall mounted photo booths, ideal for long term installations.

Booth Cloud

If you are looking to capitalise on the popularity of photo booths and the free online marketing they can provide, then look no further than a Booth Cloud installation.

  • Increase your revenue
  • Free online marketing
  • Data capture
  • Unique selling point

For Your Venue

• Free remotely managed photo booth
• Revenue share of hire
• Free social media exposure
• Unique selling point
• Data capture

For Your Customer

• Cutting edge photo booth technology
• Far cheaper hire than external supplier
• Digital photos, boomerangs and GIFS
• Digital props
• Instantly shareable experience

Be wise and choose

Increase Your Social Media Presence

The benefits of which are clear to see! The average party can generate over 100 sessions in a 3-4 hour hire.  Statistics tell us 9 out of 10 posts on Facebook are image based and the average person has over 320 friends/followers. With your media digitally branded if only 10% of those share on social media that’s a potential 3200 people who have been exposed to your brand and offers! 

Better still that’s targeted advertising from people who are friends of, the same demographic and who likely live in the same area,  all of which was free. Let not forget that’s all from one 3 hour party.

The battle has always been building a product that was financially viable whilst been able to provide a state of the photo booth. After thousands of hours in R&D and due to our proprietary software and in house team we are proud to say we are not only market leaders in this type of service but able to offer for as little as £150 per hire to your customers.

Team @ BoothCloud
The hidden gem

Data Capture

Every company should endeavour to get to know as much information as possible about their customers and there isn’t an easier and more seamless way than Booth Cloud.

Fully compliant with current GDPR our wall mounted Selfie Station will save all email addresses and mobile numbers (subject to a small customer disclaimer). This provides you with another once again valuable marketing tool for ongoing offers and promotions. 

That little extra

SMS and Email Customising

Better still do you have things you would like to advertise? Take advantage of the email and SMS customisation and include Google review or Trip Advisor links or even special offers.